phpAccess: htaccess Password Manager

Here is a never-sold-before script that started it all… This is a .htaccess password file manager that lets you create a login prompt like the one you see at You can use it to create one username/password for all (like I’ve done at the above link), or you could create unique sets of usernames […]

Google SiteMap Generator For WordPress

Q: What is the best blog software out there? A: WordPress! I have been using WordPress for maybe about 8+ years now, and have found it to be the very best blog software available. A number of my own sites, including my blog at is powered by WordPress. Yes, there are others that might […]

ToDo List Manager

Skyrocket your productivity by making this your home page. Stay focused on what needs to be done and don’t allow a growing task list to distract you from the task on hand. This list is securely and privately stored on YOUR computer using cookies. NO ONE else has access to it. Click here to create […]

Web Alarm

WebAlarm: Reminding you of the more important things in life (like turning off the the oven 😉 Why WebAlarm? Well, I originally wrote it for myself. There were any number of times when I had to remind myself to do something in a few minutes – like: Turn off the stove in 2 minutes Remove […]

Google Adwords Keyword Optimizer

This is a tool that can allow you to quickly optimize your Adwords Keywords by adding ‘double quotes’ and ‘square brackets’ to your keywords. It also de-duplicates keywords. So you can paste your existing keyword list from your Adwords account into this, and you can get a de-duplicated list with the different keyword options added […]

GoogleSplash Splash Page PHP Script

This is a really exciting script that you are getting access to: GoogleSplash. Back in the days, when I was young and naive, I sold it as a stand-alone script for $47 at . I had seen many products with the name “Google” being advertised on Google itself, so I said, what the heck, […]