Typing Assistant – Typing On Steroids

Click here to download my personal AutoHotKey file, TypingAssistant.ahk How To Install & Use 1) Download and install “AutoHotKey“ 2) Save the above file to your desktop. 3) Don’t customize it just yet. Right-click the above file on your desktop, and say “Run Script”. 4) All of the “keywords” in the above file will be […]

The Buttinsky Report: How I Make $970 Per Hour Using Twitter

Many years ago, I had this gay colleague at work. I loved the guy. He was extremely funny, a non-stop talker, and very smart. Any time someone interrupted his “chatter”, he would loudly reprimand them by calling them “Hey Buttinsky… “, meaning to say “could you shut up over there and not interrupt?”, but in […]

S3MediaVault Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin (a $97 value)

I recently launched a *very* powerful WordPress Plugin for playing videos hosted on Amazon S3, called S3MediaVault. It not only plays the videos, but can also make sure that those videos can be played ONLY from your own web site. It effectively creates “Expiring Links” for Amazon S3 videos. Use it in combination with DigitalAccessPass.com […]