Contact-Us Plugin For WordPress Blogs

Contact-Us-For-WordPress (CUFWP) is a WordPress Plugin I wrote, that adds a Contact-Us Form to your WordPress blog, allowing visitors to your blog to contact you right from a form on your web site.

I’m currently selling it for $27 at

But you, my friend, can download the Contact-Us For WordPress Plugin for free , because you are a T…T…T… Techiiie!

Enjoy 🙂

Ravi Jayagopal

Bootstrapper's Bible

You’ve probably seen the bald pate. You’ve definitely read his brilliant writing. He’s what I read at lunch every day – whenever he publishes to his blog at

He offered this book for free till December 1, 2004. You can no longer find it on his web site.

But I have his permission to let you download it from here. So, click here to download it. Enjoy 🙂

FeedMonster RSS Feed Script

This script lets you publish RSS Feeds on any page of your web site within minutes.

Publish any publicly available RSS or XML feed. Publish your own blog’s feed on your various web sites and get more incoming links to your blog.

Make the page that displays the feeds appear like it is regularly updated.

Configure how often the page should update the feed display.

Download it here: FeedMonster RSS Feed Script

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