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ClickBank Download Protector (a $34.95 value)

Till date, this is my #1 selling script at .

Only when you see the number of copies this script sells month after consistent month, you truly start to see how many people use ClickBank as their payment processor – especially the noobs! πŸ™‚

Of course, if you’re using (DAP), then you don’t need this script, as similar functionality is already built into DAP.

But if you’re not using DAP, and wish to set up protected downloadable files real quick on your site, using ClickBank, then this is just the script you need.

This script sells every day for $34.95.

And now you get it for free, because you’re a T…T…T…Techiiie!!!



Click here to download the ClickBank Download Protector

– Ravi Jayagopal

Slidein Popup Script (a $97 value)

This was one of my biggest scripts back in the days.

I’m talking about 2003, when I was churning out scripts like there’s no tomorrow πŸ™‚

I sold hundreds of copies of this script, before a series of events led me to completely lose the script, the web site on which it was hosted, and even the domain name.

I’ve sold this script for as much as $97, and as “low” as $67.

And now you get it for free, because you’re a T…T…T…Techiiie!!!



Click here to download the Slidein Popup Script

– Ravi

phpAccess: htaccess Password Manager

Here is a never-sold-before script that started it all…

This is a .htaccess password file manager that lets you create a login prompt like the one you see at

You can use it to create one username/password for all (like I’ve done at the above link), or you could create unique sets of usernames and passwords for unlimited users, which is how I have done it at , where I manually create a unique username and password for everyone who buys my book.

But that’s a manual process, and a pain in the you-know-where, which is why I ended up creating Digital Access Pass .

And today you’re getting it for free.

But you, my friend, can download the phpAccess htaccess Password Manager for free , because you are a T…T…T… Techiiie!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Ravi Jayagopal

Google SiteMap Generator For WordPress

Q: What is the best blog software out there?

A: WordPress!

I have been using WordPress for maybe about 8+ years now, and have found it to be the very best blog software available.

A number of my own sites, including my blog at is powered by WordPress.

Yes, there are others that might get a mention when you talk about “content management applications”.

But when it comes to the community support, number of plugins and themes available, extensibility and ease of customization, WordPress beats them all hands-down.

So I wanted to tell you about a PHP-based Sitemap Generation tool for WordPress that I use myself, to generate the sitemap.xml for my
WordPress blogs.

The installation is very simple:Β  Just upload the PHP script to the plugins folder, activate it through the admin control panel (“plugins”), and then through “Options > SiteMap” link, you can either generate theΒ  sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz (gzip file) on demand, if not, the script will generate it for you everytime you add, edit or delete a blog post.

Very simple to install and works like a charm.

The script can also automatically notify Google of the change to your sitemap.

However, I still recommend that you first sign-up for a Google Webmaster account at

Add your site, verify that you’re the owner by uploading a file (you’ll see how), and then onceΒ  you’ve updated the sitemap on your site using the script mentioned above, log in to your
webmaster account, select the web site for which you just updated the sitemap, “check” the sitemap for that site and then click on “Resubmit Selected”.

That will instruct Google’s robots to come spidering your sitemap.

You can download the Free WordPress plugin at:

Ravi Jayagopal

Contact-Us Plugin For WordPress Blogs

Contact-Us-For-WordPress (CUFWP) is a WordPress Plugin I wrote, that adds a Contact-Us Form to your WordPress blog, allowing visitors to your blog to contact you right from a form on your web site.

I’m currently selling it for $27 at

But you, my friend, can download the Contact-Us For WordPress Plugin for free , because you are a T…T…T… Techiiie!

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Ravi Jayagopal