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The Buttinsky Report: How I Make $970 Per Hour Using Twitter

Many years ago, I had this gay colleague at work.

I loved the guy. He was extremely funny, a non-stop talker, and very smart.

Any time someone interrupted his “chatter”, he would loudly reprimand them by calling them “Hey Buttinsky… “, meaning to say “could you shut up over there and not interrupt?”, but in a very friendly way of course.

Many years later, twitter comes up with the same concept… being able to do an “@” and send a message to anyone with an account on Twitter. It was like having a direct connection to some of the most popular and influential folks online!

Even though I’ve probably been on twitter since 2008 (??), only in mid 2009 did I really begin to understand the true power of Twitter.

But, before I get into the finer details and about my “Aha” moment, let us get this out of the way first….

How I make $970/hour using Twitter!

That’s what “The Buttinsky Report” is all about.

Very cool and very powerful stuff.

And this video is free for you because you’re a T…. T…. T…. Techiiie! 🙂

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