ClickBank Download Protector (a $34.95 value)

ClickBank Download Protector (a $34.95 value)

Till date, this is my #1 selling script at .

Only when you see the number of copies this script sells month after consistent month, you truly start to see how many people use ClickBank as their payment processor – especially the noobs! 🙂

Of course, if you’re using (DAP), then you don’t need this script, as similar functionality is already built into DAP.

But if you’re not using DAP, and wish to set up protected downloadable files real quick on your site, using ClickBank, then this is just the script you need.

This script sells every day for $34.95.

And now you get it for free, because you’re a T…T…T…Techiiie!!!



Click here to download the ClickBank Download Protector

– Ravi Jayagopal