GoogleSplash Splash Page PHP Script

GoogleSplash Splash Page PHP Script

This is a really exciting script that you are getting access to: GoogleSplash.

Back in the days, when I was young and naive, I sold it as a stand-alone script for $47 at . I had seen many products with the name “Google” being advertised on Google itself, so I said, what the heck, I will get a domain too. And I even advertised this script on Google Adwords.

But one day, someone from Google came knocking on my door and said that I couldn’t use the word “Google” in a technical product and advertise it on Adwords. They respectfully asked me to transfer the domain over to them. And of course, I did it – right away! Who wants to mess with them, right? That too, knowing that I was on shaky ground!

Anyway, that was the only little exciting sidebar about this product.

And today you’re getting it for free.

I won’t go into any more detail on this page, but you can read the entire sales page by visiting this page and see what it does.

It still sells very well at $47 over at

But you, my friend, can download GoogleSplash by clicking here , because you are a T…T…T… Techiiie!

Enjoy 🙂

Ravi Jayagopal