Mail Merger Enterprise v1.0 (a $97 value)

Mail Merger Enterprise v1.0 (a $97 value)

This is a script I never directly sold through my web site.

It is basically a very powerful “Mail-Merge” script, that you can use to send out an unlimited number of personalized emails to your list (all you need is a CSV export of any 3rd party list, with the email address as the first column).

Works very much like the “Mail Merge” feature in your word processor. You enter template names in your email body (like FIRSTNAME, EMAIL, etc), and then you specify which column of your CSV data maps to which template variable.

You can see what the GUI of this script looks like by going here.

It’s two “light” cousins (Mail Merger scripts) are available for sale at , but this more powerful version was never offered for sale at the site.

I have on occasion sold it directly to my newsletter subscribers for $97.

I have always primarily used it as a premium freebie.

And now it is yours to download for free, simply because you are a T… T… T… Techiiie! 🙂