S3MediaVault Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin (a $97 value)

S3MediaVault Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin (a $97 value)

I recently launched a *very* powerful WordPress Plugin for playing videos hosted on Amazon S3, called S3MediaVault.

It not only plays the videos, but can also make sure that those videos can be played ONLY from your own web site.

It effectively creates “Expiring Links” for Amazon S3 videos.

Use it in combination with DigitalAccessPass.com and you’ve got one helluva secure membership site that beautifully delivers content only to authorized members!

And now you get it for free, because you’re a T…T…T…Techiiie!!!



– Ravi Jayagopal

[ NOTE: All 3 sites MUST belong to YOU. No JV’s, no client web sites. All 3 domains must individually belong to you. ]