Reminding people of more important things in life.
(like turning off the the oven ;-)

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Why WebAlarm?

Well, I originally wrote it for myself.

There were any number of times when I had to remind myself to do something in a few minutes - like:

  • Turn off the stove in 2 minutes
  • Remove the bread or cookies from the oven
  • Call someone back in 5 minutes
  • Flip the pita bread in the microwave
  • Go do the chore that my wife assigned me (because for the 10th time I just told her, "In 2 minutes" :-)

And so on.

And most of the times, I end up forgetting, because looking for the nightly alarm clock and setting it for just a few minutes, is not very practical.

And most of the times, I'm working on my laptop, and wouldn't want to get off my behind in the first place :-)

So, I thought, why not have an online alarm clock, that will play some music after a certain amount of time?

Cool, I thought. So, I sat down and wrote it in about 30 minutes, midi file, this page's copy and all.

Hope you found it interesting, if not useful ;-)

And don't forget to TURN UP your speakers when you set the WebAlarm :-)

Ravi Jayagopal